Mahoney Asset Management is a results-orientated investment firm supported by disciplined retirement planning and portfolio management strategies that help guide clients to their financial destination and a comfortable retirement. Mahoney works with its clients to provide he highest quality retirement planning and portfolio management services by creating a road map, otherwise known as a GPS projection, that guides people through the difficult to navigate landscape. We adhere to an investment philosophy that is precise and long-term. This approach is combined with developing and maintaining a trusted relationship with our clients. We use ‘state of the art’ technology and research from Morningstar. Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research in the United States and in major international markets. Morningstar is a trusted source for insightful information on stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, separate accounts, hedge funds, and 529 college savings plans. With operations in 16 countries, they currently provide data on more than 125,000 investment offerings worldwide.

The Investment Process

Mahoney Asset Management employs the following specific process for proper investing:

  • Needs Evaluation
  • A successful relationship begins with understanding your needs. A personal meeting and a written questionnaire help us to develop your current profile. This profile will examine what you currently have in place in order to assess your needs for retirement income, investment management, wealth preservation, and tax efficiency.

  • Risk Analysis
  • We seek to understand how much risk you are willing to bear in seeking your desired returns.

  • Investment Objectives
  • Integration of needs evaluation and risk analysis leads to developing an investment policy statement. The policy statement is the blueprint used to construct your portfolio.

  • Asset Allocation
  • This is a method for determining what mix of investments is likely to produce the best returns for a given amount of risk. This approach is designed to help you invest in the most efficient blend available in stocks, bonds, and cash and that mix is adjusted as market conditions change.

  • Specific Recommendations
  • Using our Asset-Allocation Model, we tailor a portfolio to fit your needs based on your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Client Services
  • Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual meetings will be held as needed to review your portfolio. As a client of Mahoney Asset Management, you will receive a periodic financial planning newsletter from our team.

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of the most crucial decisions affecting investment performance. It involves finding the right blend of stocks, bonds, and cash to maximize the returns at an acceptable level of risk.

 Successful asset allocation involves looking at the market as a whole and evaluating a wide variety of indicators to determine where investors are going and which assets are likely to perform best. Of course, asset allocation and investment timing cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.

 For your portfolio, we will use a blend of strategic and tactical asset allocation. Strategic allocation involves using history to determine what has been the best blend over time for each type of investor. Tactical allocation uses our technique to adjust that blend as market conditions change.

 The next phase in our investment management process is to choose the securities and or funds to be included in your portfolio. We screen for high-quality mutual funds using Morningstar.

Retirement Plan Services

Achieving a successful retirement involves having a solid long-term plan to reach your destination. It is important to take into consideration the objective of you and your family, the sources of available income, and your current and projected spending habits.

To help you begin planning your retirement, Mahoney Asset Management will design a custom financial plan for you, addressing in particular:

  • Net-Worth Statement
  • Cash-Flow Review
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Tax Summary
  • Wealth-Preservation Profile
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Specific Recommendations

Retirement Lump-Sum-Distribution Analysis

If you are like most people, a distribution from your employer-sponsored retirement plan is the largest amount of money you will ever receive all at once. Under many plans, you must decide how benefits will be distributed. We can analyze your available options and work with your tax professionals to identify the course of action that makes the most sense in your situation. Recent legislation increased the complexity of IRA options available to you. Programs on which Mahoney Asset Management can advise you include:

  • IRAs and Rollovers
  • Self-directed IRAs
  • Both IRAs and conversions
  • Simplified Employee Pensions (SEP)
  • SIMPLE IRA plans for small businesses
  • Retirement Analysis
  • Employer-sponsored qualified retirement plans, such as 401(k), 402(b), and profit-sharing plans

Additional Retirement Services

If you’re about to retire, our team can guide you through the web of decisions this lifestyle change may require. Personalized services include:

  • IRA Review
  • Mahoney Asset Management can assist you if you’re considering early retirement by illustrating the potential income your IRA assets can provide before age 59, ½ and help you avoid the 10% tax penalty for pre-mature distributions. This service will also help in calculating required minimum distributions for clients over the age of 70.

  • Roth IRA Analyzer
  • Whether to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA can be a difficult decision, since the action may involve the payment of significant income taxes. Our group provides a Roth IRA Conversion Analyzer to determine whether you should convert from a traditional IRA, and a Roth Contribution Analyzer to select which IRA makes more sense for your contributions.

  • Retirement Success
  • If you’re already enjoying your golden years, our team offers Retirement Success: Financial Security in a Changing World. This program, reviewed and approved by The National Council on the Aging, Inc., is the first designed specifically for retired investors.

Mahoney Asset Management and this program will help you meet your financial responsibilities and guide you to appropriate investment strategies. You will receive a financial security analysis, an income-tax review, a cash-flow analysis, an estate-planning profile, an annual financial check-up, and a periodic newsletter all at no cost or obligation.

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